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So it is time that we go our seperate ways. Brett will go to France to teach english, Stoner and I (boz) will be starting to find jobs are we graduate in December.


We'll you never know. We may meet up again we may not. For now we will keep the website up, posting any new music that we put out. Brett is working on recording some of his own material and I have recorded some stuff on my own as well. I'm going to moving in with Jason Holland (Keeper's of the Carpet) and another friend Eric this fall. We will have a studio and mostly likely will put out some new music throughout the fall.


It's been a long ride. We've played since 1998 (that's 7 years!). Not bad for a local band. We stuck to our roots, recorded everything ourselves, and played only what we loved to play and for that I'd say that we can be proud of ourselves. For me personally, I don't see this as an end. Music will always be in all of our lives regardless of whether we play it together. I am however very glad to have the chance to produce so much music that we really enjoyed playing and that people showed interest in. I wouldn't trade that for the world. We really had some great times and there is no doubt that this band has had a great influence on our freindship and our lives.


New Ablum Cover ... back by popular demand!!!