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Date Location Misc.

Friday, February 11th

Friday, February 18th

Thursday, April 14th

Friday, April 22nd

Monday, April 25th

Friday, May 6th

Saturday, June 11th

Saturday, July 16th

Saturday, July 30th

Being There Cafe

Bali Satay House

Bali Satay House

Being There Cafe

Vaudville Mews

109 Wilmoth

Java Joe's

Bali Satay House

Mount Crescent

somewhere in Altoona starts around 6:30 or 7pm (Ames)

w/ The Envy Corps and Parallex, 9:30pm, $5 (Ames)

w/ The Waves and another band (Ames)

"7 or 8"ish (Altoona)

w/As I Decay and Dropsonic $5, 9pm (Des Miones)

w/ The F-Words and Keepers of the Carpet 10pm (Ames)

9:30pm-11:30pm (Des Moines)

w/ Max Power and others

w/Altered State and Fork In The Road (Crescent, IA)